You can find on this page the Prague old map to print and to download in PDF. The Prague historical map and the vintage map of Prague present the past and evolutions of the city of Prague in Czechia.

Prague historical map

Map of Prague historical

The Prague old map shows evolutions of Prague city. This historical map of Prague will allow you to travel in the past and in the history of Prague in Czechia. The Prague ancient map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

First, there are Celts (the Boïens) who, at the beginning of our historical era, move westward to more humid places in Prague historical map. They are replaced by Germanic tribes in Prague. In the 6th century, the Slavs arrived in the region, fighting against the Avars and the Franks.The Romans, who use the Danube as a border, do not go up much further north Prague.

A Czech legend tells that Princess Libuše chose the place where the city of Prague historical map will rise, and at the same time prophesied to her a glory reaching the stars. Although historians trace the first settlements back to the Neolithic period, the beginning of Prague historical map is associated with the founding of Prague Castle in 870.

From the domination of the historical Holy Germanic Empire and then Austria Hungary over Bohemia. From the struggle of Catholicism against the reformed religion of the Czechs, Hussisism.The Prague historical map resistance to the Nazis and communists. And finally and always the mass tourism that deprives the inhabitants of the historical city of their city centre several months a year.

Prague vintage map

Map of Prague antique

The Prague vintage map give a unique insight into the history and evolution of Prague city. This vintage map of Prague with its antique style will allow you to travel in the past of Prague in Czechia. The Prague vintage map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

In Prague vintage map Milos Gavrilovic is the owner of Bric a Brac, a Prague antique shop known for its thousands of items crammed into two small stores right off of Old Town Square. Serbian born Gavrilovic and his Croatian wife Sonja moved to Prague vintage map in 1991 from Yugoslavia, when their country was on the brink of a civil war.

There is a variety of antique shops in Prague vintage map, be it in the center of the city or in surrounding neighborhoods. Like most shopping in Prague it is better for your wallet to venture out into the less touristy neighborhoods to find some real treasures,then the city center is the best place to find antiques in Prague vintage map.

In Prague vintage map Guests are surrounded by antique textile, beautiful cloth, vintage folk costumes, elegant ladies cloth from 20th and 30th, pictures, vases, statues, jewellery, bijou, famous Czech glass and photography.In small street near Charles Bridge is hidden ANTIQUE AHASVER as it shows Prague vintage map.