You can find on this page the Prague buses map to print and to download in PDF. The Prague bus system map and the Prague trolley map present the network, stations and lines of the buses and trolley of Prague in Czechia.

Prague bus map

Map of Prague buses

The Prague bus map shows all the stations and lines of the Prague bus system. This bus map of Prague will allow you to easily plan your routes in the buses of Prague in Czechia. The Prague bus system map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Bus (autobusy) cover the outskirts of Prague bus map and areas where trams or the metro do not run. Daytime bus run from 4:30 a.m. till midnight in 6-8 min. intervals in peak hours, 10-20 min. intervals in the off hours, and 15-30 min. intervals on weekends.Night bus run from around midnight till 4:30 a.m. at 30-60 min. intervals.

The Prague bus map system is one of the densest in the city and offers numerous options of travelling above-ground.In Prague bus map tickets can be purchased at most newsagents or directly with the driver (at a premium cost). Alternatively, to purchase a ticket by SMS, a Czech number with premium SMS services activated must be used.

Florenc is the main bus station in Prague bus map for domestic and international buses. The bus station is located in the city part Florenc which is about 1.5 km from the old town and 2 km from the Charles bridge.From Florenc bus station you can travel to more or less any city within the Czech Republic as well as to most countries in Europe as it shows Prague bus map.