You can find on this page the Prague map to print and to download in PDF. The Prague offline map presents the city center and the location in world map of Prague in Czechia.

Prague map

Map of Prague city

The Prague map shows the detailed map and a large map of Prague. This map of Prague will allow you to orient yourself in Prague in Czechia. The Prague map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Prague map is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.Prague map is also the historical capital of Bohemia.Situated in the north-west of the country on the Vltava River,Prague map is home to about 1.24 million people,while its larger urban zone is estimated to have a population of nearly 2 million.

Prague map,the city of a hundred bell towers ,is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.Prague map is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the capital of the Czech Republic, very rich in architecture and culture, Prague map is a magical charm that must be discovered as a matter of urgency.

The city of a hundred bell towers,the golden city or the mother of cities,Prague map is about 600 km from the Baltic Sea,700 km from the North Sea and 700 km from the Adriatic Sea.Prague map is close to the other major cities of Central Europe.Prague map is a very green city with a multitude of public parks.

Prague downtown map

Map of downtown Prague

The map of downtown Prague shows the historical center of Prague. This downtown map of Prague will allow you to easily plan your visit in the center of Prague in Czechia. The Prague downtown map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Prague downtown map, "the magical capital of Europe"is indeed a city full of magic, Prague downtown map is not only because of the legendary presence of alchemists in the 16th century, but above all because of the traces of several cultures that have intermingled within Prague downtown map walls in the old town.

Prague downtown map is distinguished by the large area of Prague old city centre.So don't confine yourself to the hypercentre in Prague downtown map where all the tourists gather.In prague downtown map there are plenty of other fun things to do and beautiful neighborhoods to see outside in Prague downtown.

Prague downtown map is the capital of the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe. Prague downtown map is located in Central Europe and not in Eastern Europe, and Prague downtown map is also the capital of the Bohemian2 province, one of the three provinces that make up the Czech Republic, along with Moravia and Silesia.

Prague Czechia map

Map of Prague Czechia

Prague on Czechia map shows the location of the city of Prague on the Czechia map. This map of Prague in Czechia will allow you to easily plan your travel in Prague in Czechia. Prague on map of Czechia is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Prague Czechia map is in the heart of Central Europe.Prague Czechia map is surrounded by Germany, Austria,Slovakia and Poland,the Czech Republic is a region of intense cultural and economic exchange.Prague Czechia map is also a strategic area.Indeed,the Americans did not choose by chance the location of the BAM radars.

The Prague Czechia map is a country of 10 million inhabitants . Prague Czechia map and Brno are the main cities of this country , which is largely composed of Bohemia and Moravia. Prague Czechia is a member of the European Union since 2004 , the Prague Czechia map joined the Schengen area in 2007 .

The Czech Republic is a European country.Prague Czechia map is one of the two independent states that emerged from the partition of Czechoslovakia in 1993,the other being Slovakia.Prague Czechia map is located between Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.Prague Czechia map has no access to the sea.

Prague on world map

Map of Prague in world

Prague on world map shows the location of the city of Prague in the world. Prague on world map will allow you to easily know where is Prague in the world. The Prague in world map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Prague on world map is located in the northern hemisphere,roughly in the centre of the European continent.Prague on world map shows that immediate neighbours are Germany(to the west),Poland(to the north),Slovakia(to the east, with which it formed a single state until 1992,Czechoslovakia)and Austria (to the south).

Prague on world map is located in the heart of Central Europe, as shown on the world map with Prague. Prague on world map has many natural and cultural treasures, as well as an exciting history. As shown on the Prague world map, the countries bordering Prague are Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.

Prague on world map(or Ceská Republika)is a central European country bordered to the north and east by Poland,to the south-east by Slovakia,to the south and west by Austria and to the west by Germany.Prague on world map with an area of 78,870 km²,this country is 2.4 times larger than Belgium(32,545 km²).